Fabricators of CORIAN® and other solid surface materials

About Corian®

Introduced in 1967 it is the original Solid Surface material.

Available in 72 colours.

Solid, homogeneous and non-porous - Corian® is the same all the way through its thickness.

Will not delaminate or rot under pressure - if you put corian in a bucket of water for 2 years, there would be no change as it does not absorb anything.

Doesn’t stain - nothing has been found within the kitchen or bathroom environment that can stain Corian®.

Completely hygienic - Corian® does not harbour germs.

Warm and inviting to the touch - Corian® takes the ambient room temperature and is not cold to touch.

Excellent impact resistance - Corian® withstands everyday knocks. In case of accidental damage, colour matches are sent with every order so that if necessary repairs can be made.

Inconspicuous, unobtrusive and seamless joints.

Infinite design possibilities - Corian® can be formed to any design.